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Visionary Policy Positions

This is a summarized version of the AVP’s Policy Positions. Join us on Discord or Telegram for  a more in-depth view that goes into greater detail.

1. Education

We believe that the education system in America does not properly prepare its children for entry into society. We propose implementing a flexible and dynamic school choice system. 

2. Government Transparency

The leviathan that is the American Government is unwieldy, bloated, inefficient, and has little to no budgetary oversight. We believe the FOIA to be ineffective and an unnecessary hurdle between the American citizens and their government. 

We propose a One Time Full Public Audit of the American Government. We propose the establishment of a digital database in which anyone or any organization may review, in great detail, the spending of every branch and office of the federal government. We agree to an exception for Congressionally defined matters regarding national security.  

3. Lobbying Reform

Corruption crawls in modern American politics masquerading  as legitimate lobbying. Washington is plagued by interest groups,  the rich, and the powerful, unnaturally influencing the balance of power at the expense of all Americans across our government, bad actors use this process to secure additional power and privilege for themselves. We propose the expansion of existing “revolving door” laws to better maintain a balance between those inside and outside of government circles. 

4. Term Limits: TBD

5. Foreign Aid 

While we wish to continue giving aid to nations in need, our responsibilities back home come first and foremost. The American Government should not borrow to facilitate spending on other nations.  We propose that Congress designates no funds as Foreign Aid unless it passes a balanced budget.

6. Prison Reform 

We believe prison should both reform and punish. Our system intensifies our social ailments instead of easing them.  We propose the Second Chance at Life Program as part of our reforms in this area. 

7. Civil Service

We believe that our bureaucracies are bloated, discriminatory, and increasingly incompetent. Individual  merit should be the standard for the hiring, promoting and releasing of all civil servants. Civil servants who do not adequately meet expectations should not be protected from termination. We propose that all job applications for the Federal Government positions remove all mentions of demographic questions like race, gender, and nationality. 

8. Election Reform 

We demand a series of electoral reforms including implementing instant runoff elections and ensuring greater election transparency and security. The presidential elections of 2016 and 2020 were both widely suspected to be fraudulent, despite various Agencies and organizations claiming otherwise. It is imperative that faith in our Republic be restored. There should be no question as to the legitimacy of any election moving forward.

8a. We demand beginning-to-end paper trails for all democratic processes. 

8b. We support a national legislative mandate for state-issued voter photo ID laws. States must offer a voter ID alternative for free. 

9. Foreign Policy

The United States should align herself with all stable multi-party democracies. We should oppose  tyrannical and anti-democratic regimes like the Chinese Communist Party on every front. We must promote individual freedom, popular sovereignty, and open markets across the world.

We propose our Democratic Hegemony foreign policy program.

10. Energy 

We support safe, clean, efficient nuclear power. Nuclear power is mankind’s best tool for slowing carbon emissions and lowering electricity costs. We propose removing all barriers to free market competition and adding a slight carbon tax on power production. We also propose the modernization and reinforcement of our electrical grid. 

11. Market Regulation

The free market continues to be a great driver of human progress. We believe that the government may only intervene in cases of market failure. We propose removing all regulations and subsidies not related to market failures. We also propose a comprehensive reworking of our intellectual property laws to better protect creators and innovators, while drastically shrinking protection time. 

12. Medicine and Healthcare

We uphold the right of  an individual to choose one’s private healthcare. We are not opposed to  the individual states hosting public options. We believe many of the ailments affecting the healthcare system can be solved by eliminating government instituted anti-competitive practices, especially  the artificial barriers between states. Only by opening the market can we bring costs down and give Americans more options. We believe that bodily autonomy is a human right. No Independent person should be forced to undergo medical procedures without consent.  

13. Privacy

Both major political parties neglect our right to privacy, allowing it to be stripped away in increasingly intrusive and perverse manners. We demand an immediate end to the mass surveillance of American Citizens, forced back door software and hardware implementation, and a complete repeal of the Patriot Act. We support legislation putting  private data back in the control of the individual, and an end to secret courts. We demand a weakening of the U.S. intelligence agencies, including the complete disbanding of the NSA. For far too long have these agencies worked in the shadows watching, listening, and violating the American people.

14. Abortion

 We acknowledge, unlike the Republicans and Democrats, that abortions are an uncomfortable byproduct of the complexities of rights and liberties. We seek to protect the lives of the innocent and promote access to contraceptives, sexual education, and adoption reforms. We believe the best way to eliminate abortion is to end any need for abortion. No mother should feel that abortion is her only choice. 

14a. We oppose abortions after the line of likely viability on the federal level with exceptions for the health of the mother, rape, and incest. States may further regulate this issue through popular mandate. 

14b. We believe that all states should include exceptions for the health of the mother, rape, and incest

15. Immigration

We demand an immediate end to illegal immigration. The current status quo is harmful for American citizens, legal immigrants, and illegal aliens. We propose reforming to a a point based system. We support legal immigration.

16. Second Amendment 

We support every provision of the second amendment. We believe the Federal Government is prohibited, by the Constitution, from regulating firearms. Firearm regulation may only occur in individual states. We propose reforming or replacing the ATF to fit this vision. 

16a. We oppose Federal red flag laws. 

16b. We support state led efforts to better educate their populations on firearm respect and safety. 

17. Taxes 

We support a flat income tax and an extreme simplification of the tax code. We propose closing loopholes through simplifying legislation. We propose reforming income taxes to a single flat tax of all income over $45,000 a year for an individual. 

18. Due Process

We believe that any disruption to citizen’s rights without due process is wholly unconstitutional. Just as with red flag laws, flight risk designations damage a citizens ability to exercise their rights, despite never being convicted or accused of committing a crime.