Startup Team


Everyone brings something to the table.

We the people have inspired this movement, but in order to make a difference in this country, it will take we the people working together to succeed.  Below are volunteer positions we are seeking to fill.
Get involved today. Together we’ll make history and protect our future.


Volunteer Positions

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Bilingual Translator

This is a movement for all of us. We don't want language to keep power from the people. So we need your help to bridge that gap. We need our flyers, emails, and videos translated so our message can be shared with everyone. All languages are valuable, especially Spanish.

Social Media Managament

We are expanding to several platforms and are expecting lots of social media traffic. Page moderators and even account managers are essential. Our social medias include : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Gab.

Community Involvement

We care about your communities as much as we do this great nation that's why we need members to keep us up to date with their local politics. Attend local meetings, events, and even protests. Reach out to establish support from us for your community.

Young Female Artist

Writers and Artists

Your creativity inspires and your work will be seen across the nation. We are looking for creative minds to consistently create content for the GNP so we can maintain an engaging momentum with potential members.